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When will my money arrive in my Milli account?
When will my money arrive in my Milli account?
Updated over a week ago

Incoming transfers initiated from your Milli account will have a temporary hold of up to 5 business days. Transfer requests initiated after 6:00 p.m. Central Time (CT) or on a non-business day are processed the next business day. A business day is Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays.

We place the hold to protect you from fraud and overdrafts that may occur if we were to make funds available immediately and the transfer is returned.

When Milli receives the funds from an external financial institution, you immediately begin accruing interest on money in interest-bearing accounts (Savings or Jars). On transfers originated within the Milli app to an interest-bearing account, you begin accruing interest once the transfer is initiated, even if the funds are being held.

If you have an FNBO and/or FNBO Direct deposit account, the app provides instructions on how to link it to your Milli account through FNBO Connect, an internal linking service. Transfers made to and from your FNBO and/or FNBO Direct account linked through FNBO Connect will be available the same business day. Please ensure during the linking process you select “Link an FNBO account” as shown below.

Please Note: Transfer hold times are for incoming transfers initiated from your Milli account. Any outgoing transfers initiated from your Milli account don’t have a hold time.

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