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Why was my transaction declined?
Why was my transaction declined?
Updated over a week ago

Transactions or payments can be declined for many reasons. First, please double-check that:

1. You haven't accidentally locked your card. You can check this in the "Cards" section on the Spending tab.

2. All details have been entered correctly (card number, PIN, CVV, expiration date, street address, and ZIP code of your billing address) if you're using your card online.

3. You have enough money in your Spending account.

If you received a push notification or if you click on the transaction in the Milli app, it should tell you the reason your payment was declined.

If you tried to make a payment that was declined and you didn't receive a notification in the app, it could also be an issue with the merchant. It's worth checking if the merchant accepts Visa. If the merchant accepts Visa and the payment didn't go through, try running the payment again before getting in touch with the team.

If everything looks fine and you’re still not sure why the payment is being declined, please email us at or contact us through the app chat and we'll take a closer look for you.

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