I need to lock my card.
Updated over a week ago

Locking your card will block any transaction attempts. You can do this in the app:

1. Go to the Spending tab.

2. Tap on "Cards."

3. Swipe to the card you'd like to lock (Virtual or Debit card)

4. Click "Lock Card" and your card will be locked instantly.

5. You will receive a push notification from Milli confirming your card has been locked. If you have your Virtual or Debit card information in your digital wallet, you will also receive a notification from your wallet that your card has been locked.

If you lock your debit card you will still have full use of your virtual card. The same is true if you lock your virtual card but keep your debit card unlocked.

If an attempt is made to use your card while it's locked, you should receive a push notification telling you that the transaction was declined because the card is locked. This information will also be available in the transaction details of the Spending tab.

If you'd like to unlock your card, you can do so following the same process.

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