Can I dispute a debit charge?
Updated over a week ago

First, make sure the transaction has posted to your account because Milli isn’t able to dispute a transaction that is in a pending status. You can tell if a transaction is pending by clicking on the transaction in the Spending tab. If the transaction is still pending you should see a yellow box that says "Pending transaction."

If a posted transaction on your bank account doesn't look quite right we can help. Here are some common situations where a transaction can be disputed:

-You canceled a service and you’re still being charged for it.

-You made a purchase, but the amount on your statement is wrong or you were charged twice.

-Service or merchandise was not as described.

-You never or only partially received the product or service.

-You did not authorize the transaction to take place.

It’s always a good idea to contact the merchant in this situation. Many times, the merchant will remediate the incorrect charge and a dispute would be unnecessary. If you are unable to contact the merchant, or the merchant is unable to help you, contact us by messaging the app chat, by emailing

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